Airdrops - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What are Airdrops?

Cryptocurrencies became very popular during the last couple of years. With new ICOs and tokens appearing on the daily basis airdrops are getting more and more common.

A crypto airdrop is when a Cryptocurrency based project distributes free tokens or coins to its community. They are usually carried out by blockchain-based startups to bootstrap their cryptocurrency projects. New blockchain startups need to attract new investors and potential clients, so making an airdrop to distribute coins among interested users for free is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to do it. The long-running projects also use airdrops for promotional purposes sometimes.

Crypto airdrops are free for everyone to participate in. Crypto airdrops usually require you to complete various social media tasks. Examples include: Joining Telegram groups, following Twitter profiles; Sharing Facebook posts etc.

On completion of these tasks, you will be eligible for the reward stated on the airdrop post from the airdrop host e.g. 100 VIL Tokens. Once you receive your Crypto Currency in the wallet, you can keep them, sell them or buy some more. It is your choice. Remember if anyone asks you for money to release your crypto airdrop, then it is NOT an airdrop!

The motivations for an airdrop are varied and it ranges from rewarding loyal customers to creating a buzz and hype around a new blockchain-based enterprise.


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