Claim Coins - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What is KoinLoot Claim Coins?

KoinLoot Claim Coins are a free opportunity to increase your crypto portfolio with a few clicks. The main and original purpose is to help people new to the Crypto community get their first coins. KoinLoot enables people to know the types of crypto currencies, account numbers, and how the withdrawals are made. In this way, the person provides an information infrastructure about the world of crypto money.

The idea behind the Claim Coin is you interact with the site and you get paid for the time you spend, so it is going to be less but it is a good start to have your 1st cryptocurrencies.

For people who have just started making money on the internet and are interested in crypto currency can claim a variety of altcoins every 30 minutes, some in every hour and some only once a day. The frequency with which you can make claims is related to the payout. On this page, you can see an overview of all the altcoins we offer to claim.


2.Is it really free? Why are you giving away free coins?
3.Can I create more than one account to claim more?
6.Why is there a minimum withdrawal limit?
7.Are there any fees for withdrawing any coin? 
8.How can I withdraw my earnings?
9.Where can I find My Claimed Coins Withdrawal History? 
10.What if I have entered a wrong wallet address while withdrawing my coin?
11.My Withdrawal status is showing pending or in review - what does that mean?
13.What do I do if I don't receive my payment?
14.Why is my account blocked/suspended?
15.What if I still have questions?