Employer - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What is KoinLoot Micro Jobs for Employers?

KoinLoot is helping companies get access and receive high quality work, from a large pool of workers across the world. KoinLoot allows you to build your tasks according to your needs and our worker base completes these tasks with reliability and timeliness.

The KoinLoot platform enables companies to create on-demand microjobs that are completed via a large pool of distributed taskers. Pay workers with any cryptocurrency of your choice and get the task done faster. Workers can promote your product, create content, and participate in social media campaigns.

From Leading companies to small startups work with KoinLoot to achieve a wide range of business goals in a cost effective and scalable manner. It is an Open Influencer Platform helping brands hire and pay micro influencers at scale for posting content to their social media channels. Companies pay taskers with cryptocurrency in exchange for taskers creating simple marketing and content creation tasks like writing articles, creating youtube videos, posting and sharing content on social media.

Pay only once you're satisfied. Gain access to global, on-demand sources of workers. Get thousands of responses to Tasks in minutes! Let your marketing goals be achieved with help of 100.000+ Taskers!

Imagine you could get thousands of influential people to advertise your brand with the effort of five minutes.

We can make this possible for you.  

2.What are the Benefits of using KoinLoot Micro Jobs Platform?
3.Do I need to pay for Registration at KoinLoot?
6.How does KoinLoot micro jobs work?
7.Why should I work with KoinLoot micro taskers? 
8.As an Employer, what are the tasks I can post on KoinLoot Platform?
9.How do I post a campaign on KoinLoot? 
10.What is TTR (Time-to-Rate)?
11.How long should I wait to start my campaign when I finish deposit?
13.What you cannot ask Workers to do?
14.Will I be charged any fees if my campaign is rejected ?
15.What factors will determine if my posted job will be successful?
16.How do I Rate my Workers?
17.What if the worker provides me incorrect proof or sends me spam messages?
18.I wish to add more positions to my currently running Campaign, is it possible?
19.Can I cancel my Campaign ?
20.What's the best way to stay up-to-date on what's new with KoinLoot?